Such an awesome opportunity to try something new

I’m a stay at home mom and I have been a member of PPOC sine about August of 2019. To date I’ve done about 169 campaigns and tested just over $4,000.00 worth of products. I’ve also cashed out just over $400.00 in points. I have my money sent directly into my bank account by check, but you can choose PayPal if you want. I’ve only had a couple of incidents where I didn’t get paid right away, but I open a ticket and customer service gets in touch pretty much right away. Once I get the required information to them, payment is issued almost immediately. It’s usually something easy like they can’t find the order number, but once I ordered from the wrong seller. It’s always been fixable and it’s always been paid in full. I’m not paid for my reviews, I’m paid back for the product that I test. I give my honest, unbiased opinion and if I choose I can also post it to Amazon but it isn’t required from PPOC. The company that sends me the product just wants feedback about their product and how I like, or dislike it and if I would change anything about it. I love most of the products I test and I share a lot with family and friends. It’s a great program and it’s such an awesome opportunity to try something new just about every day. We all look forward to all the packages that come to our house every week. It has become a family affair!